Government have examined the proposals in detail and hereby notify the following rates for regulating the prices to be charged by Private Hospitals and private nursing homes in providing quality care to directly Walk in COVID-19 Patients (Other than KASP beneficiories and Government referred patients) in the State of Kerala.

Bed category Rate in INR per day
Rate in INR per day
Inclusions Exclusion
General WARD Rs.2645 RS.2910 a. Registration Charges
b. Bed Charges
c. Nursing and Boarding Charges
d. Surgeons, Anesthetists, Medical Practitioner, Consultant Charges
e. Anesthesia, Blood Transfusions, Oxygen
f. Medicines and Drugs
g. Pathology and radiology tests: Medical procedures include
essential Radiological imaging and diagnostic tests such as X-ray, USG, Hematology, pathology etc.
h. Pre and Post Hospitalization expenses: Expenses incurred for consultation, diagnostic tests and medicines before admission of the patient in the same hospital and cost of diagnostic tests and medication up to 15 days after discharge from the hospital for the same ailment
a. High-End Investigations* like C.T. Chest / HRCT Chest

b. PPE Kits*

c. Costly Medications *like
i. Remdesivir
ii. Tocilizumab
HDU Rs. 3795 Rs. 4175
ICU Rs. 7800 Rs. 8580
ICU WITH VENTILATOR Rs. 13800 Rs. 15180